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Medigap Support is a Senior health insurance division of Jaffe Insurance Concepts that specializes in Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care and Final Expense Life insurance. Our Corporate offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida but we help many senior adults throughout the United States seeking the most affordable Medicare Supplement plans.

Medigap Support has represented several of the most popular, well established, and highly rated insurance companies in America for many years. We value these long standing relationships and work closely with their service departments.

This enables you to confidently select from the most competitive benefits, best rates available, with competent companies. Though the plan options offered by these carriers do not vary from company to company, the price you pay for them certainly does and those prices are based exclusively on the zip codes in which you live!

While Medicare paired with a quality Medicare Supplement policy or a private insurance Medicare Advantage Plan will pay for most hospital and medical expenses you incur and very limited in other important aspects of health care.

Why Choose Us?

1. Service

After you are enrolled in a plan, we don’t forget about you. We provide a (free to customers) quarterly newsletter with updates about Medicare changes, plan/rate changes, etc. We also guarantee to respond to questions/requests within 48 hours (usually with 48 minutes!) even on weekends or holidays.

2. Expertise

With thousands of delighted customers spanning multiple states, we have the experience to understand your situation and provide a stable and secure insurance solution.

3. Choice

As a group, we work with insurance companies in multiple states. This affords us the ability to find you the best plans for your age and zip code.

4. Reliable

Over the past year, our quotes have saved people who already have a Medicare Supplement an average of $504/year for the same coverage from an equally rated (or higher) company. Also, 97% of people who have received a quote from us found it to be lower than their current rate for the exact same coverage plan. Now that is reliable!